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Sidney Cityscape


Combined 30+ Years of Experience & 200+ Projects a Year

At the core of Transport Strategies Alliance is a commitment to improving urban development.

Our team of specialists, led by Meg Kong, assists architects and developers in effectively navigating and applying traffic and design regulations. We aim to foster the development of more livable and accessible urban spaces.

Meg Kong is a seasoned transport consultant with over 15 years of extensive experience in the industry, meticulously catering to the evolving demands of urban development and infrastructural advancements. She is an expert in devising construction traffic management plans, undertaking traffic and transport impact assessments, and master planning studies, all of which stand pivotal in the realms of real estate and infrastructure development.

Her proficiency extends to detailed design, inclusive of traffic management plans that are integral in ensuring a seamless transition from the planning phase to realisation.

With an enriched history of involvement in a range of projects, Meg has cultivated a deep understanding of all facets of traffic and transport projects, from meticulous on-site inspections to comprehensive report delivery.

Meg leverages her expertise to offer resolution to intricate traffic issues, project managing work across a diverse spectrum of development types, from residential complexes to commercial spaces. Notably, she has significantly contributed to more than 2,000 projects within the NSW region, offering her adept skills to foster community growth and development.

Her unparalleled skills position her as a trusted advisor for architects, planners and developers, where her insights can be pivotal in guiding infrastructural decisions with a grounded understanding of transport dynamics.


Leading the way in traffic solutions where creativity meets innovation. Our extensive understanding of transport and traffic realms guarantees that our recommendations are well-informed and forward-thinking. We commit to proposing solutions only after conducting thorough investigations for each unique situation.

  • Boarding Houses, Group Homes

  • Bulky Goods Retail Stores

  • Child Care Centres

  • Commercial

  • Coffee shops, cafes and restaurants

  • Drive-in or take-away food outlets

  • Dwelling-houses

  • Registered clubs

  • Function Centres

  • Gymnasiums

  • Health consulting rooms

  • Hospitals

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Landscape and Garden Supplies

  • Markets

  • Medical Centres

  • Takeaway Food Shops

  • Multi-Dwelling Housing

  • Offices and Business Premises

  • Places of Public Worship, Cemeteries

  • Pubs

  • Recreational Facilities

  • Residential Flat Buildings

  • Mixed-Use Developments

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops

  • Seniors Housing

  • Service Stations

  • Shops

  • Netball and Tennis Courts

  • Swimming Pools

  • Tertiary Institutions

  • Vehicle Repair Stations and Vehicle Body Repair Workshops

  • Warehouses

Beach Carpark

Services - Planning/Feasibility Phase


+ Traffic, Transport and Parking Impact Assessment

+ SSDA, DA and CDC

+ Planning Proposal/Rezoning Assessments

+ Traffic Modelling (SIDRA)

+ Driveways, Carpark and Loading Dock Assessment

+ Engineering Design Certification (CC and OC)

+ Due Diligence Assessment and Feasibility Study

+ Vehicle Swept / Turning Path Analysis (AutoTurn & Vehicle Tracking)

+ Expert Witness in Land & Environmental Court Representation

Parking Lot

Services - Construction Phase


+ Engineering Design Certification (CC and OC)

+ Detailed Design Review

+ Vehicle Swept / Turning Path Analysis (AutoTurn & Vehicle Tracking)

+ Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP)

+ Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) & Traffic Control Plan (TCP)

+ Operational Traffic Management Plan (OTMP)

+ Loading Dock Management Plan (LDMP)

+ Carpark Management Plan (CMP)

+ Special Event Management Plan (SVMP)

+ Authority Approval (Transit, Police Permit)

+ Loading Dock Management Plan (LDMP)

+ Road Occupancy Licence (ROL)

Image by Jamie Street


Meg Kong - Founder & Transport Strategist


Licenses & Certifications: 

  • Traffic Control Work Card: TCT1030659

  • Design Practitioner Reg. No: DEP0000127

  • Professional Engineer Reg. No: PRE0000121

Transport Strategies Alliance Pty Ltd

207A/30 Campbell Street, Blacktown NSW 2148


M: 042 400 7141



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