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The staff at Transport Strategies have a combined 30 years of transport consulting experience. They proficient in undertaking construction traffic management plans, traffic and transport impact assessments, design and drafting, traffic management plans, master planning studies, and traffic modelling. The staff have gained experience in all aspects of traffic and transport access impact assessments, from on-site inspections through to report delivery. This includes extensive data collection and analysis for existing transport conditions, compliance checks, swept path assessments, design advice, construction, and post-development transport impact assessment including conducting intersection analysis using SIDRA Intersection modelling. Transport Strategies has excellent skills in resolving traffic issues and project manages work for various development types.

Key Principles

 Evidence-Based Approach

Transport Strategies Alliance is dedicated to using the latest data,

comprehensive research, and in-depth analysis. This approach ensures that our assessments are solid and accepted by authorities and relevant stakeholders, giving you the confidence that your projects will advance seamlessly, minimising delays and costs.


Honest, Clear and Concise Communication

At Transport Strategies Alliance, honest, clear and concise communication is a priority. We focus on simplifying complex issues, ensuring that our recommendations are straightforward and easy to comprehend.


Dedication to Client Success

Our primary goal is to be an invaluable partner to our clients. Understanding the complexities and frustrations of receiving unclear or insufficient feedback during planning stages, our consultants are committed to providing in-depth, actionable advice. With our expertise and focus on providing clear, insightful guidance, you can count on us to help bring your design visions to fruition.

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